Cranes …yes, cranes

Not the feathered type either, but the industrial kind.

Coming from the Midlands, our industrial heritage has always been a fascination. I was born not far from where James Watt had his factory and my family research has uncovered just how many of my ancestors worked in the industries of Birmingham and the Black Country. I’m blaming them for this weird passion!!

And, you can see this in much of the art that I have been exploring: industrial landscapes, American Precisionism, Italian Futurism and our very own Vorticist movement.

Thanks to my arty chums on Twitter, I was able to have a mooch around depictions of cranes in art and here is a little selection. Am sure I’ll be adding more to this lot!!

James McNeill Whistler – Nocturne- Blue and Silver—Battersea Reach
Charles Ginner – Clarendon Docks, Belfast
CRW Nevinson- Le Vieux Port
Derek Wilkinson – the docks – sunday morning 1961
Prunella Gough – Cranes and Men
Merlyn Oliver Evans – Souvenir of Suez
Nocturne – Gastown and Three Cranes by David Haughton (Canada)
Sir George Clausen – Making Guns: The Radial Crane 1917
Sir Muirhead Bone – Building Ships: A Shipyard Seen from a Big Crane c.1917
Prunella Gough – Black and white photograph of a large grab crane at Corby lifting a boulder
Nigel Henderson – Photograph showing steam powered crane on a barge
Paul Nash – Black and white negative, crane and scaffolding, St Pancras