I’ve found another precisionist!

Joy!  The UK has come to a standstill today – bit of snow, usual drill…PANIC!!!

To pass the time, I have had a rummage around the internet and spotted this:

Edmund Lewandowski _paintings_artodyssey (6)
Industrial Plant

and thought that has a touch of the Sheeler’s about it, but surely I hadn’t missed one of his paintings!  Looked a little closer and discovered it is by another American artist, Edmund Lewandowski.

Born in Milwaukee in 1914, Lewandowski identified with the precisionist artists mantra of simple geometric shapes to reveal the beauty of the industrial landscapes that prevailed at that time.

Lewandowski began as an illustrator but became part of the artists’ stable at Downtown Gallery in New York, where he met Charles Sheeler in 1937.

In 2011, a retrospective of Lewandowski’s work took place at the Georgia Museum of Art.  This quote from Lewandowski sums up the work that he produced under the banner of precisionism.

“Our machines are as representative of our culture as temples and sculpture were of the Greeks. They are classically beautiful and represent physically the material progress that the nation has made.”

Edmund Lewandowski _paintings_artodyssey (4)
Industrial Landscape





Edmund Lewandowski _paintings_artodyssey (5)
Great Lakes Shipbuilding
Edmund Lewandowski _paintings_artodyssey (11)


Petrol Terminal #2
Petrol Terminal #2
Thermal Chemical Plant
Thermal Chemical Plant

Retrospective of precisionist artist on display