Let’s hear it for the girls 9: Hilda Jillard

Thanks to Trent Art for tweeting this amazing oil – The Massacre of the Innocents

Held at Newlyn Art Gallery in Cornwall, there is no detail on when this was painted. The second line of writing says ‘How terrible are the Disasters of War’ and the clothing of the victims and their murderers would seem to place this in or around the Second World War.

This links to another of her works is held by the IWM and is entitled ‘What Harvest?’

This has almost a poster-like feel to it and you expect a propaganda slogan to be attached to it!

The small amount of detail: born 1899, died 1975, taught at Faversham School of Art and then at the Slade, would have placed her with some of Britain’s great artists. Just from these two examples, it would seem that Hilda would be a worthy member of that group.