Alphonse Mucha: So much more than decoration

When people consider the art of Alphonse Mucha, they inevitably would imagine the exquisitely decorative graphic designs that epitomizes the art deco period. But would you think this was by the same artist? This is Abyss in the Depths a Dead Body , a work from 1898. My research has drawn a blank as to … Continue reading Alphonse Mucha: So much more than decoration

Andrew Wyeth:beauty, tranquility and melancholy

My three favourite words and the perfect way to describe the paintings of American realist artist, Andrew Wyeth. The first of the three is the famous Christina's World. This painting has a personal resonance for me and is difficult to write about. Wyeth knew the owners of the farm, a brother and sister. Due to … Continue reading Andrew Wyeth:beauty, tranquility and melancholy

2017 review Laura Cumming's review of 2017 hits the mark. Delighted that I went to 7 of the top 10 (went to the 'turkey' as well, but let's not go into that!) However, even more pleased that I saw Cezanne Portraits at Musee d'Orsay and America After the Fall at L'Orangerie and it was where I … Continue reading 2017 review

Nevinson Connects

The Strand at Night, 1937 Amongst the Nerves of the World, 1930 I love Mr Nevinson's work, even if he was a somewhat irascible type of man! These two are from his later period and, especially in Amongst the Nerves, we can see all the influences of his past coming together. Saint Paul's almost fades … Continue reading Nevinson Connects

“A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness”

The title of this post is a quotation from German Expressionist, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and it has made me think about an issue I had recently. I visited the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at Tate Liverpool and found myself irritated by one particular painting: Nude Reading Now, before anyone jumps down my throat and accuses me … Continue reading “A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness”

Remedios Varo – Dolor (Pain) 1948

I love Remedios Varo's work, a Mexican surrealist who was close friends with my favourite female artist, Leonora Carrington. I also love the fact that sometimes a painting doesn't just speak to you, it screams meaning at you. Today, this beautiful work says everything. Sadly, it is in a private collection, but how wonderful would … Continue reading Remedios Varo – Dolor (Pain) 1948

John Piper…revisited

I popped into Tate Liverpool today as I was in town because I had struggled with the majority of the works Piper did, with the exception of these two: John Piper and the Artistic War Effort I hate giving up on an artist, so thought I would have another go. It was much quieter today … Continue reading John Piper…revisited

Valerius de Saedeleer

Came across these landscapes by Valerius de Saedeleer, a Belgian landscape painter, whose works are informed by a symbolist and mystic-religious sensitivity and the traditions of 16th-century Flemish landscape painting. (As noted in wikipedia) Certainly, I am reminded of Breughal's Hunters in the Snow when looking at these and those skies are really brooding. Perfect … Continue reading Valerius de Saedeleer

John Piper and the artistic war effort

At Tate Liverpool until 18th March is an interesting exploration of John Piper's work. If honest, I wasn't that gripped by his landscapes and abstractions although found the influence of Picasso et al on his abstract pieces interesting. However, when it came to his contribution as an official war artist in WW2, I was completely … Continue reading John Piper and the artistic war effort

Genesis: Jacob Epstein

With my ‘nom de plume’ being Rock Drill, you would be right if you assumed that I had a fondness for Jacob Epstein. At Liverpool’s Bluecoat, there is an exhibit:In the Peaceful Dome, where the centrepiece is a 1931 Epstein statue entitled ‘Genesis’ . Carved from marble, this beautiful work depicts a woman in the … Continue reading Genesis: Jacob Epstein