Nevinson reaches dizzy heights Can just imagine Nevinson's delight at this piece of news "About bloody time!" you can hear him cry! Mind you, as lovely as this is, I still love our Column on the March at the BMaG And we all know how much I adore La Mitrailleuse!

El Greco

When I visited the Prado in August, I was impressed by El Greco's mannerist works and was struck by how much I was reminded of the expressionist works I had seen in Leicester's New Walk Art Gallery.  Here's the essay that came from that thought! El Greco: The Grandfather of Expressionism On my recent visit … Continue reading El Greco

On a Carousel…

I like linking music with the art I enjoy and The Hollies have appeared before: Look through any window… But tonight, I think their 'On a Carousel' would be an appropriate accompaniment to my latest piece for Daily Art Daily. Carousels in Art Enjoy and check out the other articles; it's a great site!   … Continue reading On a Carousel…

Leon Spilliaert and the Beauty of Nothingness

Femme nue tenant une coupe, 1910 My love for Leon Spilliaert keeps growing and this painting reminded me of one of my favourite passages from Virginia Woolf's The Waves: Alone, I often fall down into nothingness. I must push my foot stealthily lest I should fall off the edge of the world into nothingness. I … Continue reading Leon Spilliaert and the Beauty of Nothingness

Dali/Duchamp at The Royal Academy

Thought this might be interesting and it was. Interesting in that I really am having difficulty in seeing Dali as the surrealist genius that is talked about. I came away from this exhibition having learnt more about Duchamp and liking his sense of humour but perplexed about Dali- he tries too hard and his imagery … Continue reading Dali/Duchamp at The Royal Academy