Lyonel Feininger

A while ago I came across a crazy painting by Lyonel Feininger but promptly forgot about him until this appeared: I was going to do my customary research into this interesting man, but came across a far better piece of writing and more works than you can shake a paintbrush at!! Enjoy the fragmented world … Continue reading Lyonel Feininger

Monet’s Garden

A while ago I visited The Barber Institute in Birmingham to see their loan of one of Monet's Lily Pond paintings Monet and the Water Lily Pond…in Birmingham! This visit inspired me to take the pilgrimage to Giverny in order to see for myself what inspired such outpourings onto canvas of some of the most … Continue reading Monet’s Garden

Joan of Arc…in all her glory

Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France, so it should not be unexpected to 'bump' into her when in Paris. Strolling up Rue Des Invalides at the crossroads with Rue de Rivoli is this magnificent equestrian statue. In the heat of an August day, she gleams with such an intensity, it hard to stare … Continue reading Joan of Arc…in all her glory