Leger in non colour shocker! 

Carrying on the theme of artists breaking their own mould, at the Degas to Picasso exhibition at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, I came across this:

At first, I was thinking it must belong to the Futurists: geometric forms creating an industrial landscape. So image me my surprise to discover it was by Fernand Leger!

Leger, a painter, sculptor and filmmaker, was seen as an early frontrunner for pop art, with his stylised form of cubism.  The colourful palette that he employed was in start contrast to the more muted one of Picasso and Braque:

Two Women Holding Flowers 1954 by Fernand L?ger 1881-1955
Two Women Holding Flowers – Fernand Leger, Tate 

This, I hear you cry, is more like it…more Leger! However, in my ever so humble opinion, I do prefer the Factory!