How art has shaped the female beauty ideal

How art has shaped the female beauty ideal This article from Artsy is an interesting summary of a subject close to my heart as the way in which consumerism impacts on our very being I find completely fascinating.  

Bruegel in Bath

Discovered that an exhibition exploring the dynasty of the Bruegel family is about to end in Bath this weekend, so a quick half term rethink is needed.  The exhibition is at The Holburne Museum on Bath, entitled 'Bruegel:Defining a Dynasty', and the main work on display is this: Wedding Dance in the Open Air newly … Continue reading Bruegel in Bath

La Mitrailleuse as muse

When your favourite band decide to pay tribute to your favourite war painting and produce a video to compliment the musique concrete on offer, well it would be rude not to include it in the blog! Yesterday, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark released a track from their forthcoming album, The Punishment of Luxury (named after … Continue reading La Mitrailleuse as muse

Leger in non colour shocker! 

Carrying on the theme of artists breaking their own mould, at the Degas to Picasso exhibition at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, I came across this: At first, I was thinking it must belong to the Futurists: geometric forms creating an industrial landscape. So image me my surprise to discover it was by Fernand Leger! … Continue reading Leger in non colour shocker!