The Holy Story: The Driving Force of Renaissance Art

Source: The Holy Story: The Driving Force of Renaissance Art My latest essay!

Hammershoi in ‘colour shocker’!

That's right - colour! Last week, at the Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen, a shocking discovery was made! Take a look, bottom right: Pink! A pink room! By Hammershoi!!! The label says 'Interior in Louis XVI style. From the artist's home, 1897'. In that year, the Hammershois moved into a newly built apartment, Aahuset in Aaboulevard, … Continue reading Hammershoi in ‘colour shocker’!

A Perfect Moment

When I returned to the art world four years ago, I came across a watercolour by Turner that reduced me to tears:  Today, I flew out to Copenhagen with the express wish to discover more about Vilhelm Hammershoi and headed out to the Davids Samling collection. I walked into a room full of Hammershois - … Continue reading A Perfect Moment

Vilhelm Hammershoi

I do keep going on about how wonderful Hammershoi's paintings are: A little question… Copenhagen Interior School Hammershoi in Stockholm Look through any window… Tomorrow sees me in Copenhagen, following in his footsteps and seeing some truly wonderful works of art. Today, Sotherby's tweeted about a rare Hammershoi coming to auction. The last one went … Continue reading Vilhelm Hammershoi

Umberto Boccioni – Panic in the Disco!

One of my favourite sculptures was created by Italian Futurist, Umberto Boccioni - Unique Forms of Continuity in Space: Some thoughts on Futurism In terms of paintings, I have been more drawn to Gino Severini and to Carlo Carra, so when this painting appeared on one of the numerous sites I visit, I was more than … Continue reading Umberto Boccioni – Panic in the Disco!

Francis Bacon- five ways to see Bacon

Francis Bacon: a man troubled by demons from his past and whose figurative art put these on display for all to consider and analyse. However, history and popular culture were equally as important to his work. Bacon, himself, said, “My paintings are not illustrations of reality but...a concentration of reality and a shorthand of sensation” … Continue reading Francis Bacon- five ways to see Bacon