Johannes Molzahn

Johannes Molzahn born Duisburg, 21 May 1892–died Munich, 31 December 1965)

This powerful image appeared on Daily Art Daily and it is mind blowing! 

Interestingly, Molzahn, during the period 1910-1920 became interested in the cubo-futuristic style but combined the figurative with the abstract. He would place figures before a background of fragments of rectangles, trapezoids, triangles in a repetitive style.

Some other works: 



Four Fallen Soldiers in Cosmic Space

Neus Land

Molzahn left Germany in 1938 after he had been barred from working as a graphics teacher by the Nazis and his work had been in the ‘Degenerate’ art exhibition in 37. 

He returned from the USA in 1959 and died in Munich in 1965.