Copenhagen Interior School

In Copenhagen, circa 1890, three artists, Vilhem Hammershoi, Peter Ilsted and Carl Holsoe showed works under the title, The Free Exhibitions. Later, they became known as the Copenhagen Interior School, as all three were focused on showing a tranquility through light, shadow, and enigmatic figures in an interior scene.

While this may sound as if they were producing works of a similar nature (Ilsted was Hammershoi’s brother-in-law, after all!), they each took a slightly different approach to their subject matter, although it is difficult to really spot.

Vilhem Hammershoi


Interior – Vilhelm Hammershoi
Standing Nude – Vilhelm Hammershoi












Peter Ilsted

Interior- Peter Ilsted
Girl Reading a Letter- Peter Ilsted










Carl Holsoe


Interior – Carl Holsoe
Interior with Woman – Carl Holsoe

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