Ivan Albright – avert your eyes if you’re easily offended…

Reading the catalogue for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts exhibition 'World War 1 and American Art', I came across Ivan Albright's painting 'And Man Created God in His Own Image (Room 203) from 1930-31.  Albright spent his war years drawing service wounds at the AEF Based Hospital in Nantes. What he saw there … Continue reading Ivan Albright – avert your eyes if you’re easily offended…

Revolution:Russian Art 1919-1932 at The Royal Academy

With an interest in Russian history, I was looking forward to this exhibition as it brought together works that covered the early days of the Revolution under Lenin's rule, through to Stalin and his dictat that only Socialist Realism was permitted in the arts.  Rooms are organised chronologically, and as always the early rooms are … Continue reading Revolution:Russian Art 1919-1932 at The Royal Academy

Copenhagen Interior School

In Copenhagen, circa 1890, three artists, Vilhem Hammershoi, Peter Ilsted and Carl Holsoe showed works under the title, The Free Exhibitions. Later, they became known as the Copenhagen Interior School, as all three were focused on showing a tranquility through light, shadow, and enigmatic figures in an interior scene. While this may sound as if … Continue reading Copenhagen Interior School

The most important black woman sculptor of the 20th century deserves more recognition

https://timeline.com/the-most-important-black-woman-sculptor-of-the-20th-century-deserves-more-recognition-af0ed7084bb1#.9khacnts8 Third entry for Black History Month:Augusta Savage.   What a glorious find, but a tragedy so much of her work is missing. This work is truly stunning! 

Black History Month: Harriet Powers 

I've been looking at art linked to African American culture and am fascinated by the story of Harriet Powers. Born a slave in 1837 in Athens, Georgia, Harriet married Armstead Powers in 1855. Freed after the Civil War, the family owned land and had a small farm. Sadly, the economic downturn affected the family and … Continue reading Black History Month: Harriet Powers 

American Gothic: a state visit to Britain for the first couple | Art and design | The Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2017/feb/05/american-gothic-grant-wood-royal-academy-spoofs I saw this exhibition in Paris last year and cannot recommend it enough. This is an amazing work to see up.close, but the rest of the exhibition is even more spectacular than this!