What a year!!

2016 – what I did on my travels 

Have just updated my page for 2016 and here are some stats: 

  •  50 exhibitions and/or galleries
  • Travelled to Amsterdam, Verona, Venice, and Paris for specific exhibitions 
  • Visited Coventry, Sheffield, Newcastle, London, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Southampton, Bedford as well as my home town 

Hghlight of the year had to be going to Bosch’s home to see an incredible exhibition. A great example of how not to organise a trip. Checked out price and availability of the exhibition ticket – no problem! Looked at flights and hotels for Amsterdam – good value and then worked out how to get to the small town. Big mistake- left it a week before booking and booked the flight and hotel first only to find the exhibition tickets had all sold out 😱. Thankfully, the popularity of the event meant that they opened later and I was able to get my ticket. 

The second place goes to Tate Liverpool for Francis Bacon. What an incredible experience to have so many iconic pieces in one place. Going round was an education in itself and wonderful to share. 

Third place is visiting Rovereto on Italy and seeing those wonderful paintings from artists of the Futurist period. Stunning doesn’t really cover it as a description and as I also discovered the Estorick collection in London where the wonderful Music by Luigi Russolo is held, my year was made by seeing paintings that I had only ever seen in a book before. 

This year has been an incredible one in terms of what I have seen, researched and talked about … Endlessly.  What on earth will be left to see in 2017?