Blue, blue,electric blue: Yves Klein – Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

Cannot get Bowie’s Sound and Vision out of my head following this week’s culture visit. 
Having seen one of Klein’s blue canvases at the Pompidou Centre, I was intrigued to see what a whole room would look like and what you find on the top floor of Tate Liverpool is actually mind-blowing. 

International Klein Blue dominates but if you think it will be cold and uninviting, you could not be more wrong. The more you look into this void, the more you want to immerse yourself in its warm, deep embrace. The canvases shimmer and it is only the glass covering that stops you from plunging in. 

On some, he stuck sea sponges which do give a sense of being under the sea, being part of something living, breathing. 

Most famously, or infamously, depending on your point of view were the canvases made by using ‘living brushes’. Naked models, smothered in IKB and writhing around on paper to a 20 minute, one chord, orchestral accompaniment might sound a little pervy and the videos do hint at that, but the results were breathtaking. 

Sit with this huge work and I defy you not to fall in love with the sheer madness of Klein’s ideas. These shapes morph and surge across your view; totally relaxing the mind. Art as therapy was never more apt. 

Oh, and he also liked using flames to create images, but that’s another story you can find in room 2!