What a year!!

2016 - what I did on my travels  Have just updated my page for 2016 and here are some stats:   50 exhibitions and/or galleries Travelled to Amsterdam, Verona, Venice, and Paris for specific exhibitions  Visited Coventry, Sheffield, Newcastle, London, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Southampton, Bedford as well as my home town  Hghlight of the year had to … Continue reading What a year!!

Blue, blue,electric blue: Yves Klein – Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-liverpool/exhibition/yves-klein Cannot get Bowie's Sound and Vision out of my head following this week's culture visit.  Having seen one of Klein's blue canvases at the Pompidou Centre, I was intrigued to see what a whole room would look like and what you find on the top floor of Tate Liverpool is actually mind-blowing.  International Klein … Continue reading Blue, blue,electric blue: Yves Klein – Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

Caravaggio at the RSC

Last week of term and I should have been exhausted, only fit for my bed. Instead, I went off to The Swan Theatre in Stratford to see a new play, The Seven Act of Mercy. Switching between Naples in 1606, and Bootle in 2016, Caravaggio's painting linked the social inequalities of both the 17th and … Continue reading Caravaggio at the RSC

James Lawrence Isherwood

Huge lover of Northern Art, so just had to buy this book, The Northern School - A reappraisal by Martin Regan.  Enjoying reading about artists old and new but almost fell off the chair when I saw this painting by Isherwood: Wigan, Top Place. The paintings of Isherwood's that I have seen before are usually … Continue reading James Lawrence Isherwood

Insomnia gems

Being productive when unable to sleep pays off sometimes.  I was exploring veiled statues, as you do, as was interested in finding out about their use on sarcophagi. And, as luck would have it, Antonio Corradini, an 18th century Venetian was an expert in the technique of carving an exquisite figure covered in a diaphanous … Continue reading Insomnia gems