Night in the Museum

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has two additional spaces – Waterhall and Gas Hall. Both beautiful buildings and, at Gas Hall, is a super exhibition curated by the conceptual artist Ryan Gander:


Basic premise is that all of the figurative works gaze upon another work of art and that work of art has an element of blue in it, which is a trademark of Gander’s.  This may seem a little strange, perhaps even self-indulgent but, it works.  It was great fun.  When you wander around the space, and you do find yourself doing this, look at the eyeline of the statues: they are looking, doing, and being a part of the artwork itself.  It was actually quite thrilling to see Epstein’s Kitty staring intently:

or my beloved Rock Drill absorbed by the vibrations from Barrie Cook’s Dean:

It was such fun and made me smile going round. Most of the artists I hadn’t heard of before and probably won’t look at any of their other work, but this was such a pleasure to go round, I would say that it doesn’t matter if you know anything about art, with this, it was just about the ‘looking’.