Night in the Museum

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has two additional spaces - Waterhall and Gas Hall. Both beautiful buildings and, at Gas Hall, is a super exhibition curated by the conceptual artist Ryan Gander: Basic premise is that all of the figurative works gaze upon another work of art and that work of art has an element … Continue reading Night in the Museum

Some thoughts on Futurism

​In ‘The Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism’ (1909) FT Marinetti, a leading figure in Italian Art culture, ignited a movement that blasted its way onto the world stage in the early 20th century. Marinetti called upon the destruction of museums, libraries and academies in order to reject the rules and functions of these institutions; to … Continue reading Some thoughts on Futurism

Surrealism – a little background

Two forms of using the unconscious to create art became the bedrock of surrealism: Automatism and Oneiric, or dream-like. Surrealism began with the automatic and the likes of Max Ernst, Andre Masson and Joan Miro all used collage, frottage and grattage as ways of creating patterns and forms turned into something unworldly. Ernst explored the … Continue reading Surrealism – a little background

Painterly Techniques

Having no creative talent whatsoever, I often marvel at how an artist actually creates. As a consequence, I try to look closely at the art work so I can see the brush strokes, thickness of paint, blending of colours etc.  At the Sainsbury's Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, I had the chance to get … Continue reading Painterly Techniques

Expressionism at the Cinema

Although not strictly 'art' as I've been exploring, seeing the wonderful silent film 'The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari' at Birmingham Town Hall, was extremely interesting from the perspective of the sets used. Clearly inspired by expressionism, the sets were clunky and homemade and reflected the aims of the movement: the move away from the realistic … Continue reading Expressionism at the Cinema