Have school holidays, will travel

I love setting myself different challenges in the holidays but this is a bit cheeky – three cities, two countries and seven exhibitions no less! 

So what’s the plan? 



I’m going mainly for the Bombergs and Epstein work.but am excited about some.of the other artists too. Thinking it will be quite an apt exhibition as it explores the themes and impact of migration.



I’ve been hearing using my breathe for this since it was announced last February!  So excited to see Nash’s works all in one place. Thought the Turner one from.a couple of years ago was going to be food, but this is a fan girl’s dream! 


Eurostar to Paris for an overnight excursion. With Musee d’Orsay open till 930, I can fit three in one day! Am excited about a) seeing the actual building and b) the iconic paintings such as Courbet’s Origin of the World. 

It feels like someone went through my wish list of artists and/or paintings with these exhibitions. Excited about the comparisons to be found between Picasso and Giacometti.  Wonderful American social realiam from.the 1930s is very thrilling. American Gothic is dich an iconic painting, so thrilled I can get to see this. 

The Mexican exhibition at Grand Palais was a last minute addition, but the CG ancce of seeing Kahlo and Riviera together is too tempting. There is also Orozco who I found out about a couple of years ago and his murals are terrifyingly fantastic! 

Last stop will be Magritte at the Pompidou Centre. ( Why can I hear Vic and Bob?) Missed out on seeing his work in Brussels so think this was put on just for me! 

And, just to add to the excitement, I’ve downloaded George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London for all the travelling about! 
Watch this space for all the reports! 

Musee Picasso – Picasso.and Giacomettihttp://www.museepicassoparis.fr/en/picasso-giacometti-3/