Paul Nash at the Tate

During my travels I have come to love Paul Nash as his work was so varied and always interesting whether it is about the embodying of humanity in nature; the destruction of war on the land and soul or a surrealist viewpoint of the landscape. The news that there would be a retrospective this year … Continue reading Paul Nash at the Tate

A Danish Surrealist

I was in Paris this week - I love saying that!! - and this particular work struck a chord at the Centre Pompidou: The Nun's Prayer by Wilhelm Freddie. I thought at first that it was a Dali I hadn't seen before, so was interested in this new artist and the fact that Denmark had … Continue reading A Danish Surrealist

Have school holidays, will travel

I love setting myself different challenges in the holidays but this is a bit cheeky - three cities, two countries and seven exhibitions no less!  So what's the plan?  NEWCASTLE I'm going mainly for the Bombergs and Epstein work.but am excited about some.of the other artists too. Thinking it will be quite an apt … Continue reading Have school holidays, will travel

Nevinson’s ‘Broken Reeds’

Studying this work by CRW Nevinson, 'Rain and Mud After the Battle' brought to mind a poem by Edward Thomas from 1916, called 'Rain': Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain  On this bleak hut, and solitude, and me  Remembering again that I shall die  And neither hear the rain nor give it thanks  … Continue reading Nevinson’s ‘Broken Reeds’

Metaphysical Melancholy

Saw Giorgio Di Chirico's Two Sisters in Edinburgh which had me think about how, despite the two figures appearing to have different characters, they still appeared 'empty', devoid of feeling and I wondered whether this feeling of emptiness was prevalent in other words by the man who was the precursor and hero of the Surrealist … Continue reading Metaphysical Melancholy