More on Leon Spilliaert

There are some artists that I just connect with and Belgian artist Leon Spilliaert is one of them.  Found this chilling little film that beautifully captured the melancholy stillness of his work, particularly the landscapes. A small selection:  And an excellent article from Apollo magazine

Pablo’s Ceramics The New Walk Gallery in Leicester is worth a visit for its wonderful German Expressionist collection, but it also holds over 100 ceramics, designed by Picasso and donated by their collector, Lord Attenborough. Now Lord Attenborough's son is putting up part of the family's collection for sale and there are some beautiful pieces here … Continue reading Pablo’s Ceramics

Voyages à Paris Very excited to discover this exhibition, America After the Fall - American Painting in the 1930s, will be at Musee l'Orangerie in October...oh, and I'll just happen to be there too!!!! Excited that I'll get to see this before it comes to the UK!!! 

Paul Nash Mash Up 

My love of war art knows no bounds and Paul Nash is an absolute favourite. His 1942 Totes Meer is the graveyard of war aircraft and is a wonderfully cold sea of twisted metal; a metaphor for the mangled bodies of the war. Last week, I was reading something about Caspar David Friedrich, the German, … Continue reading Paul Nash Mash Up 

Van Gogh close up

Saw The Olive Trees (1889) in the Scottish National Gallery:  And was struck by the vibrancy of the colours he used. The contrasting interweaving he employs makes the canvas shimmer under the hot sun:  And when did you last see a blue tree? However, if you look into a densely leafed tree on a sunny … Continue reading Van Gogh close up

Surreal Encounters at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Spent a day at the two parts of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh.  Gallery Two wasn't to my liking but the permanent collection over in Gallery One is superb and I'm bound to have a post about that soon.  However, this trip had been made to go and see this exhibition which … Continue reading Surreal Encounters at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Daubigny – Inspiring Impressionism

Did my fourth country visit in the Six Week holidays by going to Scotland this week - yes, I know it's a technicality but I'm having this as a stat!  I visited the Scottish National Gallery for the exhibition 'Inspiring Impressionism' which explored Charles Francis Daubigny's influence on the artists who became known as the … Continue reading Daubigny – Inspiring Impressionism