Tullio Crali- The Need for Speed

Just like a good box of chocolates, I feel I should ration the amount of wonderful paintings I want to share from my Italian sojourn. So here is La Forza della curva from 1930-a truly beautiful work:


The gallery label had this to say and it is almost as poetic as this gloriously dynamic piece of futurist inspired canvas.

Aeropainter and lover of speed, Crali translated the dynamism of modern transportation into an almost abstract dimension, furrowed by trajectories indicating the direction of movement and lyrically transfiguring the sensations of the dynamic experience.  The automobile symbolizes the enchantment of mechanical speed and power. In his choice of title, the artist shifts our attention from the object in itself to the movement it describes in space: the abstract forms developing from the stylized nose of the speeding car are lines of force expressing its dynamic energy.