George Chapman: dark and brooding

Subscribing to art Facebook feeds is rewarding when you find gems like this 1960 painting by George Chapman, called The Bridge: The dark, brooding sky threatens the landscape and the three figures in the foreground tell their own story. Given that school resumes tomorrow, the weather has changed for the worse and my bags … Continue reading George Chapman: dark and brooding

The Beauty of Surrealism -Kay Sage

The reason I am still writing this blog after two years is that I keep finding new and wonderful pieces to explore. Today, the impressive oeuvre of Kay Sage has been filling my thoughts and my iPad! Sage was born in 1898 in New York. Her parents divorced when Kay was young and she was taken to … Continue reading The Beauty of Surrealism -Kay Sage

Mark Gertler

This appeared on my timeline today. Mark Gertler's work seems very underrated so this is a good opportunity to celebrate a quite beautiful work. His link to the Vorticists dominates his history which may explain why we do not hear too much about him. Here's an earlier post on him: Merry Go Round This nude is … Continue reading Mark Gertler

Constantin Meunier and 19th Century Realism

A year ago I visited Brussels for a concert and, for the first time, didn't visit an art gallery!  Shortly afterwards I discovered a beautiful painting by a Belgian artist, Leon Spilliaert and vowed to go back to the Musee de Beaux Arts to see his work: Haunting Symbolism:Leon Spilliaert Serendipity struck again when I returned … Continue reading Constantin Meunier and 19th Century Realism

John Moores Prize 2016 @ Walker Art Gallery

Made my regular visit to Liverpool to check out the winners and the competitors for this influential prize. The highlights for me were really not in agreement with the jury - only one of the prizewinners was in my top 5: Selma Parlour's One, The Side-ness of In-Out: Loved the palette for this and the … Continue reading John Moores Prize 2016 @ Walker Art Gallery

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Am reading a book on HG-B by Evelyn Silver and David Finn and came across this sketch that he sent to Edward Wadsworth (he of the 'Dazzle Ship' design) from the front line at the end of 1914.  Titled 'One of our shells exploding', he has captured the ferocity of the blast and the beautiful, … Continue reading Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice

Rather than do the traditional sightseeing in Venice, I made a beeline for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and how happy I am with that decision. Here are some of my favourite pieces: Max Ernst Picasso - On the Beach Giacometti -Piazza and Woman Walking Miro    

Tullio Crali- The Need for Speed

Just like a good box of chocolates, I feel I should ration the amount of wonderful paintings I want to share from my Italian sojourn. So here is La Forza della curva from 1930-a truly beautiful work: The gallery label had this to say and it is almost as poetic as this gloriously dynamic piece … Continue reading Tullio Crali- The Need for Speed

Gino Severini, Cannoni in azione 1915

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love the period 1910-1920 and I am bowled over by this wonderful work by Severini that I found in Rovereto. Immediately, I knew it had to be the companion to one of my most favourite paintings of all...drum roll... CRW Nevinson's La Mitrailleuse.  Wouldn't you agree? … Continue reading Gino Severini, Cannoni in azione 1915