Fast and Furious in Italy

So a visit to a European country before the passport is revoked is up in a couple of weeks and what do I find just an hour from where I’m staying?

Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Roverto 

The utopian City
From the Futurist metropolis to EUR42


Painters of lightI-pittori-della-luce_imagefullwide
From Divisionism to Futurism

There are more Futurists here than you can shake a mechanised stick at and this will be one very happy Rock Drill to be heading to her spiritual home!!!  Am going to avoid finding out what will be in their exhibitions – there are two -to make it all the more exciting, although I do know that this Russolo, Profumo, is in the exhibit!

Have to decide on my reading material for the trip as well, so time to do some research.