John Sloan and the NY Metropolis 

Came across a new artist for me to explore: John Sloan (1871-1951) Born in Pennsylvania, Sloan moved to New York in 1904. 

These four images encapsulate the modernity of New York at the turn of the century. His depictions of the newly installed electric lighting is gorgeous. 

This final image is my favourite with the Flat Iron Building glowing in the foreground. 

I’m currently reading On the Edge of Your Seat by Patricia McDonnell which looks at the way theatre and film in the early twentieth-century was depicted in American Art. In it, she says: 

Sloan’s art positions viewers looking out from a skyscraper, the back row of a movie theatre, in the harsh light of a nighttime marquee – all viewpoints new to the twentieth century and defining emblems for its modernity. 

This 1907 canvas ‘Movies, Five Cents’is an absolute beauty! The central woman looks directly out at us, the novelty of the new entertainments that enthralled the public clear on her face. 

This is one artist that I will definitely explore further! 


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