Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Rovereto, Trento, Italy: a Tuesday and one of the best exhibitions my journeys have taken me to! 40mins from Verona, Rovereto is a picturesque town that clearly loves its art and culture. The Museo d'Arte dear Rovereto-Trentino was a surprise in itself: This review of the exhibition describes it much better than I can, so … Continue reading Painters of Light – Italian Journey

Georgia O’Keeffe City Lights

Having visited the mammoth retrospective at Tate Modern of Georgia O'Keeffe, I could wax lyrical about her flower paintings and argue whether or not she was exploring the female form a la Freud:  Or, I could describe the majestic beauty of the New Mexican landscapes she knew and understood:  But I won't, as there was … Continue reading Georgia O’Keeffe City Lights

Fast and Furious in Italy

So a visit to a European country before the passport is revoked is up in a couple of weeks and what do I find just an hour from where I'm staying? Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Roverto  The utopian City From the Futurist metropolis to EUR42 and Painters of light From Divisionism … Continue reading Fast and Furious in Italy

John Sloan and the NY Metropolis 

Came across a new artist for me to explore: John Sloan (1871-1951) Born in Pennsylvania, Sloan moved to New York in 1904.  These four images encapsulate the modernity of New York at the turn of the century. His depictions of the newly installed electric lighting is gorgeous.  This final image is my favourite with the … Continue reading John Sloan and the NY Metropolis