Hepworth Wakefield Highlights

Here's what cheered me up no end at the Hepworth: First the building and the surrounding views: Three David Hockneys - all created on an iPad!   This fantastic Peter Brook - can't beat a bit of Northern industrial landscapes! A moody Atkinson Grimshaw Miro 🙂 My house...I wish! Some languid Henry Moores More Barbara … Continue reading Hepworth Wakefield Highlights

Stanley Spencer – Of Angels and Dirt – Hepworth Wakefield

When I went to Cookham earlier in the year, it was a lovely warm day and the little gallery was a joy: Springtime in Cookham But, yesterday's trip had a very different feel to it - weather was a bit grim and somehow, Spencer's work left me feeling a little melancholy at first. In fact, … Continue reading Stanley Spencer – Of Angels and Dirt – Hepworth Wakefield

Joseph Wright of Derby

This article appeared in The Guardian recently- interesting on how the auction process works and also on how government cuts are affecting our traditional museum and art gallery model. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/jun/20/derby-museum-joseph-wright-collection-mortal-danger I visited the gallery last month and saw some astonishing works there so visit your local museum and art gallery - they need you!! A … Continue reading Joseph Wright of Derby

Well I Never!

Browsing through my page likes on FB, and the National Gallery popped up with an advert  for their new exhibition about the connections between painters and the paintings they possessed:  'Painters' Paintings'. This  Titian:  'Portrait of Gerolamo (?) Barbarigo' was the image they used: I recognised this and was here wondering where on earth I'd … Continue reading Well I Never!

Painting with Light

The latest Tate Britain exhibition has been a little quiet: no one I know has been, no reviews that I've spotted but it's got the Pre Raphaelites, so what's not to like? To be honest, there wasn't much and this one left me a little cold - I even felt weary of seeing the Pre … Continue reading Painting with Light

Charles Sheeler, Precisionist

  I've been reminded that I bought this gorgeous book about the work of the American artist, Charles Sheeler: Sheeler, born in Philadelphia in 1883, was one of the leading artists in the modern movement in America in the 1920s and his works explored the changing landscape that industrialisation was creating. Where Sheeler differs from … Continue reading Charles Sheeler, Precisionist

Ella Kruglyanskaya

A New York artist, born in 1978, her works are in the small gallery space on the ground floor at Tate Liverpool. While some canvases were of still life, the majority were of women in acts of such as sunbathing, gossiping  and even shooting one another. Did feel a little depressed at the concept, was … Continue reading Ella Kruglyanskaya