Springtime in Cookham

On a lovely spring day, I jumped into my gorgeous Fiat and headed south on the M40. Within two hours I was with my  friend and we were on a little adventure to find out more about Stanley Spencer.

Every visit to Tate Britain ends with a tour round the 1910 room and time with Spencer’s Resurrection at Cookham:

1 Easter Stanley Spencer, (English painter, 1891-1959) The Resurrection - Cookham 1924-7 (2)
The Resurrection, Cookham 1924-7 Sir Stanley Spencer 1891-1959 Presented by Lord Duveen 1927 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N04239


You can never tire of this painting, set in the Churchyard of Holy Trinity Church in Cookham:

Holy Trinity, Cookham

Even in Amsterdam last week, Spencer was there:


Cookham is very beautiful and the people we encountered were very friendly.  The Gallery is small: two floors crammed with landscapes, flowers, portraits and Spencer’s unmistakable religious paintings.

We were both stuck by the star of the current show -Magnolias:


What was interesting was the way in which your attention is first drawn to the individual magnolia flowers but then your eye is drawn into the background.  Quite lovely.

We went on the Stanley Spencer walk and took in some of the sights, including the church itself.  A lovely day all round!



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