It’s not just me who loves Turner then!

Being an ex-banker, I still take an interest on monetary issues and the announcement yesterday that he and the Fighting Temeraire are going on the new £20 note made me very happy indeed! Went to the National Gallery today and spent some time in room 34 and their Turners. Enjoyed his early work Dutch Boats … Continue reading It’s not just me who loves Turner then!

A Trip into Limbo

Went to Compton Verney yesterday and saw this small oil by Pieter Huys, a 16th century Flemish artist who, as you will see, was greatly influenced by Bosch.   This is Descent into Limbo from between 1547 and 1577. When you get up close, you can see a number of similarities to Bosch's work.  As … Continue reading A Trip into Limbo

It’s that Bomberg again!

Of Mr Bomberg it would be  rash to prophesy as yet, but this much may be said, that he has the ambition, the energy, and brainpower to strike out a line of his own Roger Fry, 1913 This post should  have been about Andy Warhol at the Ashmolean but I was so underwhelmed that I … Continue reading It’s that Bomberg again!

Springtime in Cookham

On a lovely spring day, I jumped into my gorgeous Fiat and headed south on the M40. Within two hours I was with my  friend and we were on a little adventure to find out more about Stanley Spencer. Every visit to Tate Britain ends with a tour round the 1910 room and time with … Continue reading Springtime in Cookham

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

No tulips or windmills for me - this trip was all about the art. As soon as I arrived in Amsterdam, it was unpack the case and get out of the hotel!  First stop was the Rijksmuseum. Having just completed my module on 17th Century Art, I was looking forward to taking a closer look … Continue reading Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Easy Virtue: Prostitution in French Art 1850-1910

This exhibition was fascinating, sumptuous and just a little bit naughty.  The Van Gogh Museum has put together a thorough exploration of 'venal' women.  From the book to accompany the exhibition: The nineteenth century obsession with prostitution is a constant.  It is characterised first by a desire to control it, notably in order to prevent … Continue reading Easy Virtue: Prostitution in French Art 1850-1910

Boschmania Part Three

Final post on this topic. The Last Judgement I am rather partial to scenes of the fires furnaces of hell and the deep colours used by artists to create the scenes - I am particularly fond of John Martin for this reason - So Bosch is not a let down on this score. This film … Continue reading Boschmania Part Three

Boschmania Part Two

The exhibition was stunning.  Beautifully set out and the areas under discussion made for a journey through the world of Bosch, his workshop and his followers. The highlights for me were: Death and The Miser The Wayfarer Saint John the Baptist The Last Judgement Visions of the Hearafter Death and The Miser This was … Continue reading Boschmania Part Two

Boschmania Part One

So I made it!  All the way to 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands for the sole purpose of seeing the Hieronymus Bosch: Visions of Genius exhibition. Although I have travelled abroad quite a bit in the past year, it was usually for another reason and I sought out exhibitions to go to, however, when I … Continue reading Boschmania Part One