George Jardine: Another World

1977 was a momentous year for me. Up till then I had been reading Enid Blyton and listening to the latest boy band to have their own prime time children’s TV spot. But in ’77 two items made their way into my hand and into my consciousness: Alice in Wonderland and Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

I loved my copy of Alice and I would spend hours reading the poems over and over again and reading about the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and co, and my copy of Sgt Pepper was played to the max, much to the chagrin of my Elvis loving mother.  It was the, as then unknown, concept of surrealism, that was taking hold. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was, and still is, my favourite track. I could see those tangerine trees and longed to lie under marmalade skies, so I can understand why I find surrealist art so appealing.

I called this blog, ‘Travels with my Art’ because I wanted to travel far and wide in search of new artworks and last night, I took a two hour trip up the M6 to Frodsham in Cheshire to attend an open evening at Castle Park Arts Centre to see an exhibition of works by George Wallace Jardine, a Wirral born artist whose works spanned over 50 years. Who would be mad enough?

I had seen some of Jardine’s work in the Walker Art Gallery:

Jardine’s work appeals because it links straight back to my love of the absurd. There are echoes of Leonora Carrington as well, so when I heard that there was an exhibition organised by the Williamson Gallery in Birkenhead, I couldn’t resist a trip.

The centre was a really lovely place and the people who run the centre could not have been more friendly.  There were various works ranging from collages, lithographs and scrapings through to large oils on canvas.


My favourite was this large canvas called The Moon in a Cage, from 1955:

Jardine, George Wallace, 1920-2002; Moon in a Cage
Jardine, George Wallace; Moon in a Cage; Williamson Art Gallery & Museum;

There are so many stories within this canvas and the play with perspective is fabulous.

This one, called ‘The Visitor’ was reminiscent of Miro:


This was a bit of fun on a Friday night – certainly beats being parked in front of the TV!



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