Walter Sickert

During my Art journey, Walter Sickert has been an ever-present. As someone I knew about as being a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders – thanks Patricia Cornwall- I hadn’t taken too much notice of the late Victorian painter. But, in every other artist from that period, Sickert was an influence.

At the Courtauld Gallery – one of my favourite places- they have these two:

The Iron Bedstead
Dawn Camden Town

Sickert was keen to reveal a part of society that had not really been explored before. A murder in Camden town was the catalyst to this element of social realism.

The Iron Bedstead is a particularly difficult painting to stand before as we are on the role of voyeur and Sickert does not want us to feel comfortable with looking, unlike artists such as Lord Leighton who was still producing images of the nude that came from classical  depictions of women.

These two are so worth seeing – the use of impasto on Dawn, Camden Town is quite wonderful to be close to.


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