Let’s Hear it for the Girls…all 850 of ’em! 

I follow the Twitter feeds of a myriad of museums and art galleries to find the little gems I talk about on here, and it is with an aching heart that I follow ones abroad as I’d love to just pop off for the weekend to see some of the wonderful exhibitions I’m reading about. 

I have two on my wish list in New York: The Whitney, home of the Hopper collection and Moma, The Museum of Modern Art because, well, it’s Moma and who wouldn’t?? Today a priceless review popped up of this exhibition: http://www.moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/1568?locale=en entitled Andrea Geyer: Revolt, They Said and Insistence, Geyer is challenging the lack of recognition of women artists from a wide range of disciplines.  What I didn’t know is the Moma itslef was founded by three women: Lillie P. Bliss, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, and Mary Quinn Sullivan. Little wonder I want to visit this particular art gallery! 

Geyer has found an eyewatering 850 female artists of all persuasions to be a part of this work. You can download a biographical documents for all 850 women -over 31 pages!!!  So, if you are brave, bonkers or just plain bolshie, I suggest having a peruse to see how many names you recognise! 


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