Francisco de Zurbaran in Dusseldorf

So while here doing a music thing, took time out to visit Museum Kuntspalast and found this exhibition: Hadn't heard of this contemporary of Valezquez, so thought it would be interesting. Zurbaran is mainly known for his religious works and his painting style.  The title of this exhibition is spot on as his attention to … Continue reading Francisco de Zurbaran in Dusseldorf

Re-imagining the Landscape: Lawren Harris

I studied Canadian poetry at university (Margaret Atwood, take a bow!) and I have been reminded today of one of my assignments: Black Spruce by Don McKay: a re-exploration of the landscape.  Don McKay, according to my thesis, gave 'voice' to the landscape and this idea finally made sense when I was looking at the … Continue reading Re-imagining the Landscape: Lawren Harris

My 100th Post: The 1910 Room at The Tate

To celebrate my 100th post, I thought a quick look at my favourite art period was called for. These two photographs epitomise what it is I love about the 1910 room at The Tate. I hadn't considered the way in which the pieces are placed together before so decided to photograph the statues alongside the … Continue reading My 100th Post: The 1910 Room at The Tate

David Bomberg in Mayfair

This post comes with a note to self: When the Tate magazine comes through the post, read it straight away, otherwise you might miss something wonderful.I almost missed an exhibition of some of Bomberg's works at Waterhouse and Dodd in Mayfair. Entitled 'Borough', this exhibition has bought together works by Bomberg and his students from … Continue reading David Bomberg in Mayfair

Look through any window…

What do you see? Had this Hollies track in my head all day after spending last night with Vilhelm Hammershoi! Hammershoi was a Danish artist whose dreamy, melancholic interiors are an absolute delight. This one has been at Liverpool Tate as part of the Constallations series and it is absolutely beautiful.         … Continue reading Look through any window…