Suffering withdrawal symptoms

Spending seven weeks touring round art galleries and exhibitions was brilliant but two weeks back at work has left me with withdrawal symptoms! Thank goodness for The Barber Insitute of Fine Art, stepping in with this series of lectures: So, think I'll be pootling over tomorrow night for the Images of the Wilderness one. Any … Continue reading Suffering withdrawal symptoms

Valette and The Seven Year Itch

You read that right-somehow I am going to link the 1955 Marilyn Monroe movie with a French impressionist who made Manchester his home. I'I've adored Marilyn since I was a little girl and would watch her films over and over with my mum and there is a speech in The Seven Year Itch right at … Continue reading Valette and The Seven Year Itch

Rock Drill on tour Back in July I found out that Rock Drill had gone out on tour from the Tate and was appearing at a gallery near to me!  Thursday was preview night and I was almost first through the door to take a peek at the little friendly torso and his not so friendly reconstructed self. … Continue reading Rock Drill on tour

Agnes Martin – a journey into tranquility

Whenever I feel really stressed out, I have the words of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to hold onto to - 'Imagine yourself in a boat by a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies' - and I take the journey through this landscape, just lying back on that boat, gently moving along with … Continue reading Agnes Martin – a journey into tranquility