Terry Frost

A wet and miserable day calls for a visit to a museum and Leeds certainly fitted the bill last week.

The website did say that the upper galleries would be closed so that was a blow as it is practically all of the permanent collection, so there was no chance to see their Nevinson, Bomberg, Gertler pieces and no Mr Turner, who would have been a great comforter having been soaked to the skin by a bus!

There was the Terry Frost exhibition, and having seen some of his work at the Higgins Bedford at the start of this tour, I thought I would have a wander through.

Really liked this one:  Green, Black and White Movement

The palette was so soothing and the shapes seem to rock slightly, just like the boats on a gentle wave.  It was lovely to stare at and think about nothing at all.

There is a Tate Shots on Terry Frost that explains his importance to the art movement that began in St Ives: Tate Shots

Exhibition ends on Sunday! http://www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsandgalleries/Pages/leedsartgallery/Terry-Frost.aspx


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