Picasso in Vegas Pt 2

There I was watching the fabulous Alastair Sooke going through 'The World's Most Expensive Paintings' and when he gets to the top three, there he is sitting in a restaurant with two still life Picassos behind him:

He was at the 2 Michelin star restaurant, Picasso, in The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Almost fell off my chair! Here was an opportunity not to be missed. We're going to Vegas ergo, we go to Picasso. So a reservation was made for the last evening in Vegas.

As we walked in, there was a huge oil painting of Picasso with his grandson to greet us and, as you can see from this publicity photograph, it was not the only one. In total, they hold 11 works by the great man. We were seated underneath 'Seated Man' which Picasso painted when he was 90 -a self portrait showing him as a scarred and wounded warrior.

Thoroughout the restaurant there were still lifes, drawings and painted ceramic works, such as this one of Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe. This was on the opposite side of the restaurant to us and its vibrancy shone out -definitely my favourite.

The meal was sublime and served on ceramic plates with Picasso designs. I had seen similar plates at Leicester's New Walk Art Gallery where Richard Attenborough's Picasso ceramic collection is displayed.

Our waiter was wonderful and at the end of the meal, I plucked up the courage to ask what he could tell me about the art works. He was delighted to help and fetched the information folder for me which certainly aided digestion! He insisted that I take a look round and to photograph everything. Inwardly I was jumping up and down but managed to keep the air of sophistication that had been my cover all evening…I mean, you don't want to give away your fan girl credentials when paying hundreds of dollars for a four course fine dining experience.

Sooke questioned whether it is right to be using such works as 'wallpaper' and while my aesthetic side might agree, I have to say that I think it would have tickled the old reprobate to have the works on display like this.