Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

On a wet day in Leeds I had a small encounter with Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, the young artist-sculptor whose prodigious talent was cut short by WWI. This exhibition, at Harewood House, is a cut-down version of the one from Kettle's Yard in Cambridge that I missed earlier in the year. The key pieces of sculpture were … Continue reading Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Terry Frost

A wet and miserable day calls for a visit to a museum and Leeds certainly fitted the bill last week. The website did say that the upper galleries would be closed so that was a blow as it is practically all of the permanent collection, so there was no chance to see their Nevinson, Bomberg, … Continue reading Terry Frost

A glimpse of social history

One of my other passions is the exploration of social history. Being a genealogist, I have found the way in which our family trees link into to social history very rewarding. This painting, 'In Search of Peace' by Louisa Hodgson was painted in 1935-36 -the interwar years. It is currently in an exhibition at Manchester … Continue reading A glimpse of social history

Picasso in Vegas Pt 2

There I was watching the fabulous Alastair Sooke going through 'The World's Most Expensive Paintings' and when he gets to the top three, there he is sitting in a restaurant with two still life Picassos behind him: He was at the 2 Michelin star restaurant, Picasso, in The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Almost fell off … Continue reading Picasso in Vegas Pt 2

Picasso in Vegas Pt 1

Most people travel to Vegas to gamble, party and generally misbehave. However, for the purposes of art, I went to see a few works by PP as well as doing the proverbial! And here it is, in the lovely Bellagio Hotel. There are two parts to this post because, not only did I visit an … Continue reading Picasso in Vegas Pt 1

Rock Drill deconstructed…again

Ahead of its appearance at Walsall New Art Gallery in September, Birmingham's reconstructed Rock Drill has been, erm, deconstructed. See how that took place here: https://twitter.com/bm_ag/status/628888832168099840 https://twitter.com/bm_ag/status/628931047770746880 https://twitter.com/bm_ag/status/628931468539113472 Jacob Epstein on Rock Drill: “I made and mounted a machine-like robot, visored, menacing, and carrying within itself its progeny, protectively ensconced. Here is the armed, sinister … Continue reading Rock Drill deconstructed…again