The Knock-on effect

This time of year is quite reflective for a teacher as it is the time when another year group passes through and all the experiences you shared are remembered.

Thanks to this project, I have been fortunate enough to receive two gifts from students who were interested in what I was doing in terms of exploring art movements and artists.

One art student was intrigued by the pictures of paintings I had on my noticeboard and was inspired to return to a medium she hadn’t dabbled in for some time and produced this little seascape for me:


imageA second student, who I have taught and tutored since she was 11, wanted to give me a unique gift and she asked an artist friend to paint something for me and I was touched to receive this as her parting gift:

I always count myself lucky to do a job I love and to have the opportunity to work with some fantastic young people. This quote from Maya Angelou rings true and it isn’t a one way street.