Now you see him…now you don’t!

My favourite section of Tate Britain has to be the moment I turn into the 1910 and 1915 rooms. Everyone I love is there: Nevison, Epstein, Gertler, Bomberg, Wyndham Lewis to name but a few.

There has been a rehang and the two rooms are now combined. Bomberg’s Mud Bath is now pride of place:


imageimagewpid-img_20150712_111439864_hdr.jpgThese three Nevinsons are now in the room: The Soul of the Soulless City (‘New York -an Abstraction’), The Arrival and, to my great joy, just back from a tour, was La Mitrallieuse. If I was allowed to clap for joy, that would have been the moment.

However, the joy was short-lived as there was someone rather special missing from the gathering: my very own Rock Drill!

Where on earth was the rascally torso? He was there a couple of weeks ago. He could hardly go waltzing off, so a quick tweet to the Tate revealed that he is away on tour and will be appearing at a venue close to me from the 1st September:The New Art Gallery in Walsall-home of a large Epstein Archive. The fact I can pop down the road to check he’s behaving himself will be quite a pleasure and I’ll be interested to see what they will do with him given that the reconstructed Rock Drill sits majestically in nearby Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.


With some new pieces, such as Henry Lamb’s stupendous portrait of the lugubrious Lytton Strachey, it is always worth revisiting the different galleries just to see what treasures have now been snuck in.


BREAKING NEWS: Rock Drill is coming to take part in a rather exciting exhibition, exploring the importance of the dismantling of the statue in context and how this is as vital as its original construction.

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