German Expressionism in Leicester.

Today's trip to Leicester was astonishing. New Walk Museum and Art Gallery has an extensive collection of German Expressionism, but I didn't expect anything on this scale. The walls are filled with oil paintings, lithographs, etchings, and watercolours, statues are dotted around and there is even a soundscape, video and light show as well. There … Continue reading German Expressionism in Leicester.

Paul Nash -Totes Meer

The past couple of weeks has seen a growing interest in Paul Nash's work on my part.  I was delighted to discover today that Tate Britain will be holding an extensive retrospective of his work late next year. I've just finished a really good exploration of both Nash brothers by Paul Gough: Brothers in Arms … Continue reading Paul Nash -Totes Meer

David Bomberg – Evening, Cornwall Towards St Ives

Up until now, my interest in David Bomberg has been from a Vorticist perspective.  The Mud Bath is one of my favourite paintings and the fact that he was actually born here in Birmingham in 1891 and lived on Florence Street in Digbeth added to the appeal: This week I visited the Herbert Museum and … Continue reading David Bomberg – Evening, Cornwall Towards St Ives

Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust

Ahead of a trip to see this exhibition at The Royal Academy, I've been doing some research. Interesting character.

Some you win, some you lose

In addition to the exhibitions, I'm also looking to visit smaller galleries in search of a certain number of artists I am interested in: Christopher Nevinson, David Bomberg, Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer.Leamington Spa Gallery was my first attempt - they have a Spencer and a Nevinson in their collection. It would be easy to call them … Continue reading Some you win, some you lose

The most expensive painting in the world…

I watched this BBC documentary by the lovely Alaistair Sooke from 2011 yesterday: The World's Most Expensive Paintings The most expensive painting at the time was the glorious Nude, Green Leaves and Bust by Picasso which I got to see back in April at Tate Modern. But since this documentary was made, the market has … Continue reading The most expensive painting in the world…

Victor Servranckx 

It being such a sunny day, my thoughts would usually turn to the dark and disturbing...but not today as I've been looking at a Belgian abstract artist by the name of Victor Servranckx. He remained true to his belief of abstract art throughout his career and I am particularly drawn to his abstract-geometric work, especially … Continue reading Victor Servranckx 

The Knock-on effect

This time of year is quite reflective for a teacher as it is the time when another year group passes through and all the experiences you shared are remembered. Thanks to this project, I have been fortunate enough to receive two gifts from students who were interested in what I was doing in terms of … Continue reading The Knock-on effect

Now you see him…now you don’t!

My favourite section of Tate Britain has to be the moment I turn into the 1910 and 1915 rooms. Everyone I love is there: Nevison, Epstein, Gertler, Bomberg, Wyndham Lewis to name but a few. There has been a rehang and the two rooms are now combined. Bomberg's Mud Bath is now pride of place: These … Continue reading Now you see him…now you don’t!

Barbara Hepworth

This was a gorgeous exhibition, especially when accompanied by two lovely ladies -Ange and Sam, take a bow! There were so many pieces that could be discussed here, but the relationship with and influence of Ben Nicholson stood out for me. The influence these two artists had on each other was most obvious with these … Continue reading Barbara Hepworth

Art and Culture Summer Tour 2015

With the seven week holiday about to commence -yes, I know, bloody teachers don't do anything all year then get loads of time off -it was time to put some thought to this year's project. Last year it was Liverpool Biennial with 10 exhibitions in two days, so this one had to be bigger,  involve … Continue reading Art and Culture Summer Tour 2015