Mayas: Revelation of an Endless Time

Had a preview of this incredible exhibition at World Museum, Liverpool and have to say it was well worth a three hour drive up the M6 on a Thursday, on a school night -such is my dedication to art! 

It was my first visit to the museum and I was impressed with the building itself -think it will be on my list for a bigger explore in the summer. 

The exhibition explores the legacy of the Maya civilisation: its culture, its social aspect and its historical value. In the introduction to the catalogue,  the President of the Consejo Nacional paramla Cultura y las Artes, said, “the drive of the Maya people was uniquely strong, the work of their spirit and intelligence markedly authentic and pure.”  

The beauty and vibrancy of the pottery pieces was astounding. My favourite pieces were the small figurines that depict various activites amongst the different classes. My absolute favourite of these was ‘A woman writing’ 


 This was shocking and delightful at the same time -realising that this was a culture where women could read and write was almost a heart-stopping moment, and definitely one to savour. 

Was particularly interested in the funeral and death rites -surprise, surprise and really liked this fella: 

This exhibition runs until October and I really recommend it…plus, they have a shop 🙂


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