“What does matter?” “Nothing.” The enigma that was Edward Burra

Was just rummaging on YouTube and came across this documentary by Andrew Graham Dixon on the artist, Edward Burra.  I never tell anybody anything.


The Snack Bar

 I came across The Snack Bar at Tate Britain and was interested in the lasciviousness of the scene, but hadn’t explored the artist any further…until now.

Burra’s work spanned the decadence of 20s Paris and the excitement of the Jazz age in 30s Harlem but then he finds himself in Spain as the Civil war commences and his art works change to show the macabre aspect of the effects of war.  This one, Beelzebub is particularly striking.

There is more on Burra at Pallant House Gallery: Edward Burra that is worth exploring, along with an education pack http://www.pallant.org.uk/docs/educationpackfinalprint_reduced_0.pdf

I am reminded of some of Wyndham Lewis’s work, especially The Armada:


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