Las Meninas

At Museu Picasso, I walked in on this wonderful canvas of Las Meninas.  Hadn't seen it before and was fascinated by Picasso's obsession with the original by Velazquez. Picasso, over a matter of a few months, recreating, reinterpreted and examined every aspect of the original painting. All 58 canvases are at the museum and they … Continue reading Las Meninas

Picasso and Dali at Museu Picasso, Barcelona

Am sitting in the bar of my hotel (get her) and pondering on what I saw today.   The Museum is one of the loveliest buildings I have been to...and I've been to a few!  The exhibition was beautifully curated with comparison pieces throughout. My notebook is full of information and if I translated that … Continue reading Picasso and Dali at Museu Picasso, Barcelona

Countdown to Picasso and Dali in Barcelona 4 

Sitting at Frankfurt Airport with nothing to do, thank goodness for free wifi and this Wall Street Journal review of the Picasso-Dali exhibition when it was in St Petersburg:

Yoko Ono

Really wish I could visit MoMa in NY to see this Yoko Ono retrospective. Having loved Yoko for years, I am thrilled that the madness of her work is being recognised. She is very much like marmite but she's worth exploring as through the 'weird' stuff are some gems:           … Continue reading Yoko Ono

Coming soon…Joan Miro

Excited to have bought a ticket for Fundacio Joan Miro. My only experience is Dog Barking at Moon, a print of which was in our dining room for years.  What's not to love about this painting? Dog, ladders and the, I don't know what it means, no, it doesn't make any sense, but if … Continue reading Coming soon…Joan Miro

Dali and Chupa Chups

one of many bizarre facts about Dali is that he designed the logo for the Spanish lollipops.  He suggested having the dais on the top of the lolly so that it always remained intact.  For a far more interesting exploration of Dali, try this episode of Modern Masters: And, if you are feeling that you … Continue reading Dali and Chupa Chups

Countdown to Picasso and Dali

Not long to go now so am aiming to find some interesting snippets about Pablo and Salvadore leading up to my visit. Number 1: Picasso loved boobs! Yes, we've all seen them, and I'm not aware of anyone going blind when confronted with a pair,  but apparently Fox TV network was so horrified by them … Continue reading Countdown to Picasso and Dali

Italian Futurism: Reconstructing the Universe

This exhibition was at The Guggenheim last year and the interactive addition is worth wandering through. The short essays give an overview of different areas and there is a short video about the works on display.  Enjoy!  Italian Futurism at The Guggenheim, 2014 How good would it be to see this piccolo bellezza?  

Tate Modern -Permanent Collections

There is an article in today's Observer by Jonathan Jones which reminded me of the trip I made at Easter to look at the permanent collections.  Jones asks "Why are the permanent collection galleries still so aggressively anti-chronological?" and I think I know why. He bemoans the fact that you learn nothing, but what … Continue reading Tate Modern -Permanent Collections