The New Art Gallery, Walsall

Sometimes you just forget what is practically on the doorstep.

Enjoyed a visit to the Garman Ryan Collection in Walsall – an eclectic mix of paintings, sculpures, drawings, furniture …you name it, they have it!

Jacob Epstein’s widow, Kathleen Garman, along with her good friend, sculpter, Sally Ryan, collected these works over a number of years and, thanks to her connections with the Black Country, Lady Epstein donated them to Walsall.

There are so many pieces here and the curation of the rooms into themes such as ‘Figure Studies’, Landscapes and Townscapes’, ‘Children’ and ‘Work and Leisure’, just to name four. allow you the opportunity to study how these simple themes can be expressed in such a variety of forms.

A preparatorSketch for Rock Drilly sketch of Rock Drill was my personal highlight.  The seamless connection between man and machine appeals to my love of the work by the Vorticists so I was surprised to be so taken with this sketch by Modliagliani entitled ‘Caryatid’.  This was a design for a carved figure that acts as a support to the roof of a building.  The grace and fluidity of the lines was so striking.  I am used to the angular figures of his works, so the fact that he could convey real curves was something of a shock, but I loved this!  GR170 - Amedeo Modigliani - 1884-1920 - Caryatid - ca 1913-4

The gallery itself is quite beautiful, with wooden slatted walls and sprung flooring.  It is really an oasis in the centre of the town and so worth a visit.


Oh yes! And this is my 40th post!!!