Let’s hear it for the girls 1: Elsie B Driggs

As with literature, we often find ourselves admiring the dead white males, but what about the women in art?

Elsie B Driggs has become one of my favourite artists.

Roaming around the Witney Museum of American Art website, I stumbled across Elsie while reading about the American Precisionists. This image of Pittsburgh steel mills was stunning. Being keen on our industrial heritage and its impact, this simplification of an industrial scene was quite beautiful.

This article in the Independent explains why this is such a great work.

When discussing her works based on the steel mills and factories that she grew up with, Elsie said “You looked directly …into these big forms, and I kept finding them beautiful and wondering why. I told myself I wasn’t supposed to find a factory beautiful, but I did.”


There is something unbelievably calming about this image and it has made me look at our industrial landscape in a completely different way.
Thanks, Elsie!


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