Theodore Major – Wigan, England, The World, The Universe

Man and Sun

On a visit to Clark Art in Hale, Manchester, I saw this painting  which brought about a great love of Northern Art.  The size of a wall – this was a spectacular painting that led me to explore more of Theodore Major’s work.

Encompassing so many emotions in one canvas – the bowed figure saturated in a magical light was incredible to see in person and was the only time I actually thought that remortgaging the house would be a good idea.

The artist, Mark Elliot, introduced me to the man through the two documentaries that are now on You Tube.  Theo was an incredible artist whose works effortlessly reveal the inner workings of man.  He once said, “The purpose of art is to find and express an understanding of man’s spiritual existence on earth.”  Man and Sun certainly reveals that to us.

The BBC’s ‘Your Paintings’ site has 12 paintings that really show off this incredible talent.

and they are worth taking the time to explore.

To say I am excited about seeing his work, alongside his friend, LS Lowry, in the flesh next week at The Atkinson in Southport is an understatement – Lowry described his portraits as ‘magnificent and unique’ and who am I to quibble with Mr Lowry?



Two brilliant documentaries that give an insight into the workings of this fantastic curmudgeon!


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