Government Art Collection

Ever wondered where all the art we own is stored? Had a great opportunity to have a tour of the Government Art Collection last week with a terrific trio -you know who you are! It is a fascinating place to go to -hidden down a yard off the Tottenham Court Road. We were shown round … Continue reading Government Art Collection

A bit on Picasso

Great article in The Guardian today about Picasso. After reading that I thought I'd have a closer look at Les Demoiselles d'Avignon as I find it so compelling and this documentary was quite useful. Will also recommend Sue Rowe's excellent book, 'In Montmatre' for a closer look at Picasso, Matisse et al, gathering … Continue reading A bit on Picasso

Lowry and Major in Southport

It's not often a plan comes together, but today was almost as perfect as you could make it. The exhibition is in one room and the paintings are almost, but not quite alternated between Lowry and Major. It was overwhelming to be in the room as so many Majors as I've only seen one in … Continue reading Lowry and Major in Southport

Claude et Camille

Have just finished Stephanie Cowell's fictionalised account of the relationship between Monet and Camille Doncieux. Inspired to read it by seeing this painting of Camille on her death bed in a documentary that explored how winter appears in art. This is so touching a tribute that I was curious to know more. It is a … Continue reading Claude et Camille


Despite the school holidays, planning and marking is too never far away so it's always a a good idea to combine pleasure with the pain wherever you can.  Today I've been looking at Ekphrasis  - a technical term to mean a verbal description of a work of art.  My Year 9s have been looking at … Continue reading Ekphrasis

A quirky little number

Most of the art I have come to love usually consist of melancholy, brooding landscapes that calm your inner turmoil but just occasionally, a bit of colour pops up to make a real impact. I was watching a set of films about the influence of the Riveria on art and came across Leopold Survage. This … Continue reading A quirky little number

Theodore Major – Wigan, England, The World, The Universe

On a visit to Clark Art in Hale, Manchester, I saw this painting  which brought about a great love of Northern Art.  The size of a wall - this was a spectacular painting that led me to explore more of Theodore Major's work. Encompassing so many emotions in one canvas - the bowed figure saturated … Continue reading Theodore Major – Wigan, England, The World, The Universe

March Meanderings

Definitely want to see Think I would have really liked her-so out of her time. 7/3/15 -can't resist any further so will visit today! Will be mostly reading this today:

Truth and Memory at the IWM

If I thought Manchester's Sensory War was an excellent exploration of the impact of war on all areas of society, IWM's two-part exhibition, Truth and Memory genuinely blew it out of the water. The opening painting 'Defeat of the Prussian Guard', depicting a victory by the 2nd Oxfordshire and Bucks Light Infantry*, was a perfect … Continue reading Truth and Memory at the IWM